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-   ABOUT US  -

Established in 1973 by Duane (Dewey) and Peg Torok
and after retiring in 2014, they sold to Matt & Michelle Underwood

sausage in art form

smoked brisket

Irish Porter and Blue Stilton cheese

Fresh ground chuck

Local made Kettle Korn
smoked tri tip steak

Dewey's Trading Post is a fresh meat market , homemade smoked meats, deli meat and cheeses, grocery and bulk food store.  Stop by our meat counter for sandwich meat, smoked snack sticks, or pick out a steak that suits your taste.  We make an awesome German ring Bologna to go with cheese,  fresh brats, steaks, smoked pork chops and many other cuts of beef and pork. Check out our  Meat Bundle  and Venison and Wild Game page.

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